Is your auto insurance policy as comprehensive as it could be?

The importance of owning a solid, strong, and sweeping auto insurance policy cannot be overstated. Our previous blog post discussed in depth the importance of purchasing a comprehensive auto insurance package that covers more than what your state requires. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, many drivers believe that they cannot afford or even find reasonable insurance plans for their vehicles.

Both the Johnstown-based the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency (F.W.F Insurance Agency) and partner Safeco Insurance – a Liberty Mutual-owned company – are working hard to help drivers save money while still getting the coverage that they need to ensure that they are protected in a worse-case scenario. Our companies hear every reason in the book that people avoid purchasing auto insurance – here are just four auto insurance myths that our two companies are busting every day:

  1. Auto insurance will cost me too much. False! Safeco Insurance, now working with the F.W.F Insurance Agency, currently offers numerous discounts and opportunities for you to save and pay less for auto insurance.
  2. I don’t own a basic automobile and so it won’t be covered by insurance. False! Both the F.W.F Insurance Agency and Safeco cover more than just automobiles. The F.W.F Insurance Agency has always offered insurance for automobiles, boats, motorcycles, and other related moving vehicles. Partner Safeco is well known for offering coverage on a variety of automobiles – from sedans to hybrids to minivans and more – as well as pickup trucks and RVs. Between the two of us, we promise that your vehicle will be covered.
  3. I don’t live near your companies and so I can’t get insurance. False! Your local agents from both Safeco and the F.W.F Insurance Agency can offer highly personalized advice on auto insurance coverage that’s right for you, no matter where you live.
  4. It will take me too long to get covered. False! If you work with an F.W.F Insurance Agency Representative through Safeco, you can get an auto insurance quote in about five minutes, and a policy that’s right for you in only a few minutes more than that!

Getting affordable car insurance is more than just possible: it’s easier than most people realize. So don’t take a chance that you may not be able to afford – you can get all the coverage you need, not just the coverage that’s required, even on a budget.

Anyone interested in learning more about the services of the F.W.F Insurance Agency or its partner company should click here to contact the F.W.F.

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