Talented insurance professionals who demonstrate outstanding career potential

Penn National Insurance’s Aspire Agent Group members complete two-year talent development program for new insurance producers

Harrisburg, Pa. — Penn National Insurance Aspire Agent Group members completed their two-year talent development and networking program series July 20. The group consists of talented insurance professionals who demonstrate outstanding career potential. Members met regularly to share ideas and engage in training to strengthen their skills in serving customers and responding to new insurance challenges and opportunities.

Group members included:

  • Parks Pennington, Tigrett & Pennington, Brentwood TN
  • Lawson Walker, CSP Insurance, Florence SC
  • Brady Grove, The Hartman Agency, Williamsport, PA
  • Haley Theilig, Spectrum Insurance, Wausau WI
  • Mark Yost, Gunn-Mowery, Lemoyne PA
  • Lindsay Knight, BH Baird Insurance, Warsaw VA
  • Phil Diemert, All American Insurance, Pittsburgh PA
  • Stephen Flick, Fisher, Widman & Flick, Johnstown, PA
  • Bono Nieto, Triangle Insurance, Louisburg NC

The company introduced the Aspire Group in 2016, and will start the next two-year program early in 2021.

Program participant Brady Grove said: “I found a lot of value in being able to look under the hood at Penn National Insurance. Understanding the various carrier tentacles as a newer producer was beneficial. From underwriting, to claims, to subrogation, to actuarial data and predictive modeling, understanding the carrier process was eye opening. Beyond that, learning more about what the company specifically writes successfully was helpful in my prospecting. For me, though, the cherry on top of the whole Aspire Group was the conversations. Hearing the successes, failures and strategies of other newer producers was enlightening. I would do the Aspire group again in a heartbeat.”

Bob Brandon, president of Penn National Insurance, said: “Creating and nurturing strong relationships with our independent agents, and investing in our agencies’ growth and perpetuation, lies at the heart
of our business strategy and has led to our consistent, long-term success. Many of the agencies that represent us have done so for 50 years or more, and some at 75 years and beyond. By investing in relationship-building with newer agents, as we do with our Aspire Group, we are laying the foundation for continuity and additional business growth.”

About Penn National Insurance

Penn National Insurance underwrites insurance in nine mid-Atlantic/eastern and two mid-western states, selling commercial and personal property-casualty insurance through its network of independent agencies. www.pennnationalinsurance.com.


Service Lines Coverage

Did you know that in Cambria County, the underground service lines that provide water supply, waste disposal, and electrical power to your home are your responsibility? Despite the city or town taking ownership of these services, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair costs of the service lines, should they be damaged. Damage to an exterior service line can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars, yet it’s not covered by a typical homeowners policy.

Donegal Insurance Group recently introduced Underground Service Line Coverage. Compared to purchasing protection separately from utility providers for each individual service line, Donegal Insurance Group provides protection from physical damage for multiple service lines – at a fraction of the cost. This Underground Service Line Coverage includes line breakdown resulting from Environmental effects, such as freezing; External forces, such as root invasion; and Direct condition within the line, such as a failure in the material integrity of the service line itself.

This coverage form can be added to a homeowners policy for a cost of $30 for $10,000 of coverage, or $34 for $15,000 of coverage. Whether you have a current homeowners policy with Donegal and you would like to have this coverage added, or you are insured through another company and you would like a comparison quote, please feel free to contact us today at FWF Insurance. We look forward to helping you!

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Mihalko’s Fire and Water Restoration

Is your facility prepared to handle a disaster caused by water or ice damage? Last minute decisions in the time of calamity are proven to increase the cost of recovery. Let Mihalko’s Fire and Water Restoration handle the emergency situation at your property so you can keep business operations running smoothly.

Mihalko’s is a full-service property restoration company working with all major insurance companies for (38) years. Mihalko’s is fully equipped and trained to handle both residential and commercial claims with our 24/7 on call emergency response team. Our vehicles, state of the art dry out machines, and team of experts have successfully managed thousands of insurance claims for over three decades.

Mihalko’s follows national industry standards complying with IICRC and ANSI. Our trained emergency response team can identify the category and class of water damage, evaluate the situation and begin cleanup quickly and accurately. Motivated decision making can reduce or prevent the spread of damage and also decrease the possibility of sickness to building occupants.

A signed Emergency Response Agreement allows the Mihalko team to work with your facility putting in place an emergency plan for a catastrophic water or ice event. Mihalko’s takes on the responsibility of working with the insurance adjuster to create a loss estimate and proceed with the cleanup of the property and rebuild if necessary. Mihalko’s will provide record keeping including content inventories and required moisture measurements. We can bring your building back to pre-loss condition without burdening your staff and maintenance, risking a workers compensation claim by using facility employees during disasters.

Mihalko’s has (3) locations throughout Pennsylvania, you can expect the same service no matter where your facility is located. Whether a small claim or widespread loss, insuring that your staff and facility has a plan in place is our goal.

We work towards your satisfaction and peace of mind without compromising daily business. We look forward to taking your property emergency plan from reactive to proactive.

Call us today at 814-535-2700

Get Ready For Summer With These 5 Insurance Policies: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we posted a list of five insurance policies you definitely need to review as you prepare to head out and enjoy your summer plans. Believe it or not, though, that original list only mentioned some of the insurance policies worth keeping in mind during your seasonal activities.

By now we’re willing to bet that “summer brain” is starting to set in and wash away your worries. Unfortunately, even during this relaxing time of the year risk factors can become full-blown, potentially expensive problems. So before you head out for your summer adventures, take a moment and make sure you’ve reviewed whether or not your insurance covers these five scenarios and objects that could interfere with your favorite season in the year. 

-Scooters Or Motorcycles: For many motorcyclists early summer is the perfect time to ride their bikes. Since motorcycles can’t be included in an auto insurance policy, it’s important to review and consider updating your current motorcycle insurance policy before you head out for a summer roadtrip. We’ve talked about a motorcyclist’s insurance needs before, which include liability, personal injury protection, comprehensive and collision coverage.

Motorcycles aren’t the only form of transportation that require their own insurance; like motorcycles, any small motor scooters people may own are not covered under a normal auto insurance policy. Legally scooter riders only need to purchase basic liability insurance; seeing as this only offers coverage for any damage and injuries other people incur in an accident, it’s important to consider collision and comprehensive insurance as well. Don’t worry: many affordable policies cover all of these needs.

-ATVs: For some people the most exciting part about the summer is bringing out their all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for a little off-road fun. However, just like motorcycles and scooters, ATVs are not covered under standard auto insurance policies. Sometimes a homeowners policy includes liability partial coverage for an ATV, but no ATV owner should assume they’re fully covered by this. Instead all ATV  owners should consider having a full ATV coverage policy; if any family members or friends will be driving your ATV for the first time this year, it’s especially important to check that they’re also covered under an existing policy to make sure any off-road tumbles don’t lead to extremely expensive medical costs. 

-Trampolines: We’re willing to bet you never expected to see trampolines on this list. While trampolines themselves don’t require insurance, what many people don’t realize is that some companies can deny a claim if they have policy exclusions for anything involving a trampoline. Some companies can refuse to insure a property if they deem a trampoline too risky, and others will cancel your policy if a trampoline goes against the safety guidelines written out by your insurance contract. Because of this, it’s extremely important to review your insurance policy and find out if trampoline-related injuries would be covered, and if a trampoline is allowed on your property to begin with, before your children or their friends beginning playing on one.

-Fireworks: Summertime festivities and fireworks go hand-in-hand, but for Pennsylvania residents fireworks create a double-whammy risk factor. Not only can improperly lighting and using fireworks cause serious injuries, but in states that do not allow the use of fireworks without a permit the use of fireworks can also jeopardize your current homeowners insurance coverage. So while residents in states where fireworks are legal should always check to see if their property includes proper liability and damage protections, those of us in the Keystone State must remember that setting off fireworks can potentially lead to us losing our insurance coverage. Plus as a result of the risk associated with us, we’ll pay far more for a new policy with a new insurance company.

-Renting Homes: Are you planning on renting out your home this summer? Many people rent out a room during the summer to help bring in some extra cash, but without the right insurance that extra cash could potentially go into paying liability and property damages caused by your temporary subletter or subletters. The insurance requirements for renting our homes vary considerably depending on how long and how often people will be staying with the homeowner. Some insurance plans will allow short-term visits on a regular home insurance policy, while others may require a small renters insurance policy. Because of this, it’s best to talk to your policy holder and see exactly what you are – and aren’t – covered for, before anyone moves in for the season.

Are you unsure if your insurance offers the right coverage for you? Do you need a new policy for one of your vehicles? Let the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency help protect you so that you can enjoy your summer in peace. Go ahead and contact us today to set up an appointment with one of us trained insurance experts, who can make sure your insurance policies cover exactly what they need to cover, all at a reasonable cost. We’re all that stands between you and a wonderful relaxing summer, so don’t wait!

Is Your Excavators Insurance As Comprehensive As It Could Be?

Now that the season has made good weather a common occurrence, chances are that you’ve walked past a construction site or two as business picks back up for builders, excavators and contractors alike.

As a passerby, it’s likely that you’ve never even given the workers a second thought. But if you’re one of the workers operating an enormous piece of machinery day after day, helping to clear out an area or build a new structure, it should come as no surprise to you that your entire operation needs to be properly insured.

Insurance is important for any work site, but is especially vital on active construction and excavation sites. For contractors, insurance offers protection against different levels of risk regarding possible accidents, injuries, or even property damage caused specifically by ongoing work. Like contractors, excavators need comprehensive insurance as protection against the many risks associated with working in the construction business; while contractors generally manage the oversight of a construction project, excavators are exposed to a range of potentially hazardous situations involving underground digging, heavy machinery, cranes, and sometimes even explosives.

It only takes one small mistake while working as an excavator to create a large problem that could damage the area being worked on – or worse, injure a worker. And if a company has the wrong insurance policy, they may not be properly covered in the event of a worksite accident or lawsuit.

Fortunately the right insurance will help ensure your company’s safety and financial security, allowing you to focus on working safely, rather than worrying about what you’ll do if something goes wrong.

Don’t spend your valuable time worrying about what your insurance covers – instead, let our team at the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency help you. Our experienced team of staff members working throughout central Pennsylvania can ensure that you’re fully covered by your Excavator Insurance. Our cost-cutting services will give you full coverage in a range of areas, including:

-Commercial General Liability or Umbrella Liability Insurance

-Underground explosions or collapses Insurance

-Owned or Leased Contractors’ Equipment Insurance

-Fleet Coverage Insurance

-Property Insurance

-Workers Compensation

Working with our staff will ensure that your business can continue to operate knowing that its equipment, employees, and financial well-being are all protected with the best insurance plan that’s been tailored to your needs.

So go ahead and make an appointment with one of our staff members – whether you’re in Johnstown or any other area in central Pennsylvania, and whether you need an entirely new policy or to just update the one you already have, we’re here to help you make sure that your excavation business is fully covered for a reasonable price. Our representatives in Blaire County, Cambria County, Somerset, Latrobe, or in any other nearby counties are all ready to work with you so that you can concentrate on your business, rather than your worries.

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