The holiday season may have come and gone, but the weather has remained quite frightful across the country as state after state deals with the residual effects of last week’s Polar Vortex storm. As a direct result of last week’s nationally awful weather, many insurance companies have already seen or expect to see an increase […]

As the state of Pennsylvania prepares for weather forecasts ranging from snow to cloudy to pouring rain, we want to take the time to urge all homeowners to evaluate how protected they would be in the case of a flood. Each year, flooding is caused by heavy rains, melting snow, inadequate drainage systems, failed protective […]

A new year is a time for self-reflection and positive changes. While many do not consider their insurance policies as something that they could change to contribute to a better 2014, our team here at the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency encourages you to think otherwise this year. Just one example of something you could […]

Working in a restaurant presents a unique set of challenges to the involved employees and business owners alike, especially if the restaurant serves alcohol. Introducing alcohol into any environment can potentially create a bad situation, either due to fighting or even due to medical emergencies caused by drinking too much. Due to the risks involved […]

December in America is a time of tradition and celebration, thanks to the three major holidays that take place throughout the month. This year, with Hanukkah already at a close, Christmas and Kwanza are looking to steal the spotlight for the remainder of the year. Despite their differences, all three of these holidays share common […]

These days, working in the manufacturing industry is no small feat. Not only do even the smallest of manufacturing businesses usually face a massive workload, but the manufacturing industry has a very unique set of challenges – as well as a unique set of risks – that business owners and staff must deal with and […]

As the air grows chillier and the holidays are approaching, most of Pennsylvania’s proud boat owners have already placed their beloved watercraft into storage for the winter. With these vessels set to sit indoors for several more months, we urge any and all local boat owners to make sure that in addition to being properly […]

With Thanksgiving just hours away, our staff members are preparing for a wonderful holiday with their families and friends, just like you. As experts in evaluating risk, though, every member of our team understands that this wonderful holiday must also be treated with caution. This is because Thanksgiving can be just as stressful and even […]

If you own a vacant home or empty plot of land, you probably have big plans for that property; you’ve also probably put up ‘No Trespassing’ signs for the time being. The next question to ask yourself, then, is: have I properly insured my property to protect myself, as well as my big plans for […]

We, like many Americans, love classic cars. Whether they’re low riders, classic trucks, tractors, or the most recognizable of antique classics, we appreciate them all. It’s difficult not to love something as beautiful as a shining old vehicle. These fascinating machines have a way of captivating us; they bring memories back to life and almost […]

At the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency, we understand the challenges that Pennsylvania locals face when obtaining insurance; a little change in a local policy or state law can make a big difference in the insurance recommendations we make for individuals, businesses, and municipalities alike. One example of a local law that has affected our […]

If you work within or under a municipality, county or city’s governing body, then you understand better than most just how much responsibility your organization carries on its shoulders every day. Sometimes it’s easy for the general public to forget that the people working within these groups are in charge of ensuring an entire city’s […]