Does your business insurance earn dividends? Dividends, or payments made by a corporation to its shareholders, are usually not a common staple in insurance packages. However, on some insurance policies, depending on the total group premium and total claims experience, policyholders can find themselves earning an annual dividend. ChamberChoice, a service offered exclusively to members […]

When it comes to rented living spaces, it’s not just the landlords that need insurance coverage. If you are currently renting an apartment or even a home, it’s in your best interest to invest in an insurance plan made just for renters. Rather than relying on any basic coverage that may come with your rented […]

Do you own an apartment building? If you do, you understand fully that apartment buildings are a landlord’s livelihood. Renting out an apartment complex is a strenuous business; it requires hours of work as landlords oversee building maintenance, pay various bills, and of course, work with tenants to ensure that everyone has as pleasant a […]

Business owners, does your company currently have commercial property insurance? If the answer is no, now is the perfect time to consider how commercial property insurance could help your business in the future if disaster strikes. Commercial property insurance adds a layer of financial protection to help your business when disaster strikes and your property […]

Is your auto insurance policy as comprehensive as it could be? The importance of owning a solid, strong, and sweeping auto insurance policy cannot be overstated. Our previous blog post discussed in depth the importance of purchasing a comprehensive auto insurance package that covers more than what your state requires. Unfortunately, for one reason or […]

Did you know that when someone owns a car, they are required by state law to purchase a basic auto insurance plan? In a country where the average household owns two cars, that means that millions of Americans are required by law to purchase auto insurance. A good auto insurance plan is one of the […]

Located in Johnstown, PA., the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency (F.W.F Insurance) has operated and sold personal and commercial insurance to both municipalities and individuals across central Pennsylvania since 1983. The result of a merger between the Fisher Agency and the Widmann Fronheiser Insurance Agency, business has expanded rapidly at the F.W.F. over the years. […]

Whether you need personalized insurance for yourself or insurance for your entire municipality or township, the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency (F.W.F Insurance) is the place to go for insurance in central Pennsylvania. A business with roots that go back as far as 1910, the F.W.F.’s expanded service now covers and insures over 200 municipalities […]