Talented insurance professionals who demonstrate outstanding career potential

Harrisburg, Pa. — Penn National Insurance Aspire Agent Group members completed their two-year talent development and networking program series July 20. The group consists of talented insurance professionals who demonstrate outstanding career potential. Members met regularly to share ideas and engage in training to strengthen their skills in serving customers and responding to new insurance challenges and opportunities.

Group members included:

  • Parks Pennington, Tigrett & Pennington, Brentwood TN
  • Lawson Walker, CSP Insurance, Florence SC
  • Brady Grove, The Hartman Agency, Williamsport, PA
  • Haley Theilig, Spectrum Insurance, Wausau WI
  • Mark Yost, Gunn-Mowery, Lemoyne PA
  • Lindsay Knight, BH Baird Insurance, Warsaw VA
  • Phil Diemert, All American Insurance, Pittsburgh PA
  • Stephen Flick, Fisher, Widman & Flick, Johnstown, PA
  • Bono Nieto, Triangle Insurance, Louisburg NC

The company introduced the Aspire Group in 2016, and will start the next two-year program early in 2021.

Program participant Brady Grove said: “I found a lot of value in being able to look under the hood at Penn National Insurance. Understanding the various carrier tentacles as a newer producer was beneficial. From underwriting, to claims, to subrogation, to actuarial data and predictive modeling, understanding the carrier process was eye opening. Beyond that, learning more about what the company specifically writes successfully was helpful in my prospecting. For me, though, the cherry on top of the whole Aspire Group was the conversations. Hearing the successes, failures and strategies of other newer producers was enlightening. I would do the Aspire group again in a heartbeat.”

Bob Brandon, president of Penn National Insurance, said: “Creating and nurturing strong relationships with our independent agents, and investing in our agencies’ growth and perpetuation, lies at the heart
of our business strategy and has led to our consistent, long-term success. Many of the agencies that represent us have done so for 50 years or more, and some at 75 years and beyond. By investing in relationship-building with newer agents, as we do with our Aspire Group, we are laying the foundation for continuity and additional business growth.”

About Penn National Insurance

Penn National Insurance underwrites insurance in nine mid-Atlantic/eastern and two mid-western states, selling commercial and personal property-casualty insurance through its network of independent agencies. www.pennnationalinsurance.com.

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