Did you know that in Cambria County, the underground service lines that provide water supply, waste disposal, and electrical power to your home are your responsibility? Despite the city or town taking ownership of these services, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair costs of the service lines, should they be damaged. Damage to an exterior service line can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars, yet it’s not covered by a typical homeowners policy.

Donegal Insurance Group recently introduced Underground Service Line Coverage. Compared to purchasing protection separately from utility providers for each individual service line, Donegal Insurance Group provides protection from physical damage for multiple service lines – at a fraction of the cost. This Underground Service Line Coverage includes line breakdown resulting from Environmental effects, such as freezing; External forces, such as root invasion; and Direct condition within the line, such as a failure in the material integrity of the service line itself.

This coverage form can be added to a homeowners policy for a cost of $30 for $10,000 of coverage, or $34 for $15,000 of coverage. Whether you have a current homeowners policy with Donegal and you would like to have this coverage added, or you are insured through another company and you would like a comparison quote, please feel free to contact us today at FWF Insurance. We look forward to helping you!

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