We, like many Americans, love classic cars. Whether they’re low riders, classic trucks, tractors, or the most recognizable of antique classics, we appreciate them all.

It’s difficult not to love something as beautiful as a shining old vehicle. These fascinating machines have a way of captivating us; they bring memories back to life and almost seem to capture moments in history. It’s no wonder that people love to drive and collect them.

If you own or collect classic cars, though, you understand that not only are they beautiful: they are an investment; so whether you purchased or restored that classic automobile, it needs to be protected.

Whether you drive your car frequently, occasionally, or even just to special shows and events, you know that your classic vehicle needs auto insurance, just like a regular car. But you also know that classic cars are special. This means not only does your car need to be insured for roadside assistance, collision damage and more; you need to know that the full value of your car is protected.

Our staff at the Johnstown-based the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency (F.W.F Insurance Agency) understands that the insurance you get for a classic car needs to be as special as the vehicle itself is. Our partner, Safeco Insurance (a Liberty Mutual-owned company), understands this as well. That’s why we’re here to help you buy the perfect policy for your classic car, ensuring that it’s covered well into its golden years.

We can help collectors and owners build a policy just for their classic automobile by asking the right questions. How many miles will you or do you drive in your car? How old is your car? Does it have any custom modifications? How many cars do you own?

Whatever the answers to these questions are, we promise: we can find or build a policy that’s perfect for your needs, ensuring that your collection of one, two, 50 or more classic cars is always fully protected.

Talk to one our representatives today for personalized advice based on your collection and your needs. Whether you’re located in Blaire County, Cambria County, Somerset, Latrobe, or in any other nearby counties, we’re ready to work with you so that you can continue to enjoy using your classic cars with the knowledge that they are fully insured. Our representatives will use their connections to 15 other major insurance companies, including SafeCo, to ensure that your policy is as comprehensive as possible.

We’re ready to help you hit the road in classic style and with the comforting knowledge that you are 100% protected; contact us now to set up a meeting with one of our local representatives in central Pennsylvania.

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