Whether you need personalized insurance for yourself or insurance for your entire municipality or township, the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency (F.W.F Insurance) is the place to go for insurance in central Pennsylvania.

A business with roots that go back as far as 1910, the F.W.F.’s expanded service now covers and insures over 200 municipalities and fire companies and over 2,000 other customers in Pennsylvania. The F.W.F. offers a comprehensive range of insurance for both commercial and personal needs; additionally, in a competitive market for health insurance, the F.W.F.’s health insurance programs stand out in central Pennsylvania.

Currently, the F.W.F. not only offers insurance to individuals: it also covers municipalities, townships and more. With the F.W.F.’s personalized assistance and local contacts there to help, any individual, business or township can quickly sort through a variety of options and health insurance packages before buying the most comprehensive yet affordable insurance plan for their individual needs, ensuring that an individual, or even an entire municipality or township’s employees, are all insured against the risk of incurring medical expenses.

With connections to a total of 15 major insurance companies, the F.W.F. and its dedicated staff promise that any necessary commercial and personal insurance needs will be covered and protected in the best plan for any individual or township; the company’s reach stretches across the state, even insuring Robinson Township in the Pittsburgh, PA. area.

Currently the F.W.F is rated as one of the largest insurance agencies in the tri-county, doing approximately $11 million in business annually. Other agencies in the state of Pennsylvania frequently come to F.W.F. for service offerings.

For more information about the F.W.F. and its multiple insurance options, from health insurance to auto insurance and more, please contact their staff by clicking here.

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