These days, working in the manufacturing industry is no small feat. Not only do even the smallest of manufacturing businesses usually face a massive workload, but the manufacturing industry has a very unique set of challenges – as well as a unique set of risks – that business owners and staff must deal with and address on a daily basis.

These risks are why manufacturers, like any other business, need comprehensive insurance policies in place to protect against a worse case scenario work accident. The challenge, however, is that in many cases, what might be a comprehensive policy in another field could just be the beginning of what a manufacturer needs.

For example, like any business, manufacturers need property insurance that offers additional protection for the company’s building location, inventory, and valuable manufacturing equipment. However, manufactures must then take care when evaluating their liability insurance – which, while a staple of many business plans, often needs to be more comprehensive for a manufacturer; after all, manufactures need to ensure that they have protection in place to help them deal with problems such as product recalls, customer complaints and claims regarding serious injury and illness, or equipment breakdowns.

Our staff here at the Johnstown-based the Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency (F.W.F Insurance Agency) understands that if you own a manufacturing business, then you truly do need a comprehensive, personalized policy – one that covers all of your needs, and not just the basics. We also understand that due to the demands and risks placed on the businesses in your industry, there is a need for manufacturers of all sizes to make sure that precautions are in place to minimize the risks their staff face every day.

That’s why for manufacturers, we can’t think of anyone better than EMC Insurance to protect your business. Where EMC excels is the ways it will go above and beyond for the businesses under their care; in fact, EMC offers both coverage and prevention strategies through their incredible commercial insurance programs.

We are especially fond of their Light Manufacturers Program, which was specifically designed to help businesses that work with metal goods, wood products, furniture and fixtures, plastic or rubber products, textiles, and electronic equipment and accessories. EMC offers a multitude of benefits to manufacturers in this comprehensive insurance program, including:

-Property coverage for your building and personal property

-Auto coverage for your commercial vehicles

-Liability coverage to protect your business from things like product or operations liabilities

-Umbrella coverage, offering extra financial help in the face of a catastrophic issue

-Worker’s comp to assist with medical expenses and wage compensation, as well as employment practices liability coverage in the case of employment discrimination or wrongful termination charges

-A series of additional coverage bonuses that can help address any expenses associated with brands, labels, deferred payments or contractual penalties, as well as offer additional protections against things like financial damage as a result of a manufacturing error or data security compromise

-Free “less control services” that address concerns such as slip-and-fall prevention, injury management services, and safety training procedures 

With a thorough list of coverage like that, it’s safe to say that EMC ensures that when you have coverage, you’re truly covered. So if you’re involved in the business of making products, then please contact us now to set up a meeting with one of our local representatives in central Pennsylvania and ensure that you’re protecting what you’re building.

Whether you’re located in Blaire County, Cambria County, Somerset, Latrobe, or in any other nearby counties, we can help you get in touch with EMC Insurance’s independent agents and can make sure that you get great coverage, extensive loss control resources, expert claims knowledge and local service through your independent insurance agent.

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