Does your business insurance earn dividends?

Dividends, or payments made by a corporation to its shareholders, are usually not a common staple in insurance packages. However, on some insurance policies, depending on the total group premium and total claims experience, policyholders can find themselves earning an annual dividend.

ChamberChoice, a service offered exclusively to members of chambers of commerce through Penn National Insurance, offers several service packages to chamber members, including but not limited to individual and group health insurance, dental and vision coverage plans, and a business insurance plan with a dividend potential through Penn National Insurance. In fact, a dividend of almost $500,000 was recently declared for the first program year.

If you run a business, you understand just how important it is to have a business insurance plan that protects you against operational losses. Why not sign up for a plan that offers great coverage through Penn National Insurance, with dividend potential? You have nothing to lose – but plenty to gain; ChamberChoice members often report that their ChamberChoice dividends are enough to fully cover a local chamber of commerce membership, plus a little more.

Now is the perfect time to consider your business insurance and look into potentially earning dividends back on your insurance plans. Maybe you’re just starting a business, or maybe you need to upgrade your insurance as your business expands.

Either way, our Fisher Widmann Flick Insurance Agency staff members are here to help. We’ve worked with countless business owners in Blaire, Cambria, Somerset, Latrobe, and a multitude of other nearby counties; our representatives can use their connections with Penn National Insurance to ensure that your business insurance policy is just what you need and want.

Whether you want Key Person Insurance to ensure that you’re protected if a key member cannot perform their duties; General Liability Insurance to help protect your business from liability claims to injuries on site; or Product Liability coverage to help protect yourself against the results of using a damaged product – our staff is here to make sure that the coverage you get is the coverage that you need.

Contact us now to set up a meeting if you want to learn more. Be sure to mention your interest in ChamberChoice’s special packages, including business insurance plans with a dividend potential. We will happily explain more about ChamberChoice’s programs and see if they’re a good fit for you and your business!

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